that guy you just called a nerd? well it’s captain james kirk and you’re right he’s a huge freakin nerd

that ship you just called a glorified garbage scow? don’t you think you’d better…………..


rephrase that?

You’re right! I should! I didn’t mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage……………


I meant to say that it should be hauled away as garbage!


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Yes because bombing countries who residents threaten our people and our way of life is terrible. Yes let’s let them threaten us. In fact we should just let em fly right over so they can come slaughter us all. Ooooh so terrible that the president did his fuckin job at protecting your rights to even speak freely. You need to stop wearing your ass as a hat and get a fucking backbone. Learn some fucking respect for your countries leaders they are the only reason you can even listen to music let alone write it. Fucking ridiculous.

You dont have to respect your leaders, thats how this country was built :) You are supposed to question the things they do and use your brain…its like literally your civic duty as an American.

Also yes, bombing countries in civilian neighborhoods killing thousands of innocent families and children is pretty awful. Making it sound as though an entire fucking country is the enemy is disgusting and ignorant. And if any one of the countries feels as a majority we should die as a country, its probably cause we made them feel that way after fucking bombing their civilians. 

get out of here

Lol “get out of here” You first. 9/11 ring a bell? What about the thousands of innocent Americans lives that were taken when two buildings were crashed into then collapsed? see this is how people who think like this are terrible TERRIBLE leaders. You’re gonna make hard decisions as a leader of a country but think about this would you rather your country have to suffer at the hands of terrorist organizations and have millions of people die because you decided not to respond to threats? America wasn’t built on spineless people it was built on sweat and blood and a thirst for freedom. It’s the presidents job to protect what this country believes in even if it does take other peoples lives it’s hard to think about yes but it’s for YOUR Protection and your safety and your rights. Do you realize that? What do you think would’ve happened if we didn’t respond to Syria? What about Saddam Hussein lol do you think we’d be fine? Yes you do need to fucking respect your leaders are you out of your mind? Do you realize what you just said? Our countries leaders protect us it’s their job and disrespectful people like your self need to get that through your thick skulls. I think they deserve respect and they do that’s common fucking sense lol and anyone who thinks they don’t is out of their god damn mind. Lol I’ll gladly leave I forgot I’m not supposed to get into arguments with idiots. (:

I am too tired for this right now. You clearly know nothing about 9/11, the people who perpetrated it, foreign policy, war or the things we have done.

I should have known you were just one of those blind people who just think “‘murica is so great, that them muslims are all terrorists and they want murrica to burn. But we dont let them cause freedom. huurrr terrorism. erthing we do is freedom and pure and good. everyone who would look appropriate in a turban is a terrorist. lets nuke em all cause bombing innocent people is totally the only solution and this war is not about other things at all in the least.”

I dont have time to educate your ass. Go read, its not hard, I believe in you. Some subjects I suggest: how government works, what your civic duties are as a US citizen, who highjacked the planes, what a terrorist is, anything about war and how it works, the reasons we are in iraq and afganistan and other countries that im sure you lump in there. Why some countries hate us. Religion and why christians want to fight in the holy land so bad… literally anything. You can start anywhere.

The Muslim people are not the problem. The extremists are. Like they are in any part of the world or any religion. We have plenty of white, Christian extremists right here in this country.

My husband is deployed to Kuwait right now and has met lots of wonderful Muslim people. Our soldiers are not in the middle east so you can spout off your racist bullshit and breed hate here at home.

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but why

Because it got burned. All of that knowledge, lost forever.

The library was destroyed over 1000’s of years ago. The library consisted of thousands of scrolls and books about mathematics, engineering, physiology, geography, blueprints, medicine, plays, & important scriptures. Thinkers from all over the Mediterranean used to come to Alexandria to study.Most of the major work of civilization up until that point was lost. If the library still survived till this day, society may have been more advanced and we would sure know more about the ancient world.

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